Every writer needs a cat.



Sometimes I hear you call my name,

but I know you don’t exist.

Have I just become insane?

Are there wounds on my wrists?

Or are you there?

Can you feel my pain?

Do you look on me with disdain?

Or do you care?

Life ain’t fair.

At times I wonder where you went,

And where I’m going to go.

Is there a place between Heaven and hell?

Will people say they told me so?

Through the mist, will I see you?

Is that the place where you dwell?

Have you cracked your living shell?

I can see through.

You hate me too.



First blog post

It’s Friday night. Almost the end of November and its fucking raining. my husband is quizzing our ten year old on AC/DC song titles and I’m drinking jager shots. Typical Friday night. 

Trying to run a wordpress site from an apple product sucks, by the way. For the love of God, in an attempt to finally do something with this site that my friend helped me set up, thanks Heidi, I borrowed my husbands lap top…a non apple product. Notice I’ve failed to capatilize apple because right now I’m pissed that I can’t do this from my iPad.

Okay I’m admittedly a technological moron, and, yes it is Friday night…but really. I keep touching the screen of this lap top like it will  respond…and my husband keeps snickering at me, as he nudges said ten year old…watch mommy touch the screen, he says. Yeesh.

In my defense. I have only used an iPad for the last three years, and managed to write a complete novel on the sucker. So, yeah, I’m used of touching the screen. Enough said.

First post accomplished, I’m off for another shot. Hopefully I’ll find my site again at some point before I’m too old to see, or care.

Rock on.